Cessna 401 Utiliner

Cessna 401 Utiliner

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Cessna 401 airplane model. The Cessna 401 is a twin-engine, six-seat aircraft that played a significant role in aviation history. Introduced in the 1960s, it was part of Cessna's popular 400 series of airplanes. The Cessna 401 was designed to meet the demand for a reliable and efficient twin-engine aircraft suitable for both personal and business use.

With its sleek design and powerful engines, the Cessna 401 quickly gained popularity among pilots and aviation enthusiasts. It offered a spacious cabin, advanced avionics, and impressive performance capabilities. The Cessna 401 became a favorite choice for private owners, corporate operators, and charter companies looking for a versatile and dependable aircraft. Over the years, it has served a wide range of purposes, from executive travel to air taxi services, making it a versatile and reliable aircraft in the aviation industry.

Mahogany wood. Scale 1/32. Wingspan 18 inches. Length 13 inches