Ceesna 150 clear canopy model

Cessna 150 clear canopy

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Cessna 150 152 airplane model. Fly high with the stunning Cessna 150 clear canopy featuring a custom-made mahogany wood frame. Enjoy a strong, durable material that provides pure clarity to make each journey more unforgettable! Who will you take into the wild blue yonder?

 With the first flight of the Model 150 during September, 1957, the company re-entered the two-seat lightplane market. Production of the Model 150 began in August 1958, and by the time it ended during 1977 a total of 23,836 airplanes had been built. At that time it was replaced on the production lines by the basically similar Cessna Model 152. Improvements on this airplane included a more powerful engine plus installation and cowling changes to reduce engine noise and vibration, together with a McCauley propeller of a modified blade section. When production of the Model 152 ended in 1986, 7,482 Model 152s and Aerobats had been produced. The Model 152 was powered by one 108-hp Avco Lycoming O-235-N2C flat-four piston engine, giving the airplane a maximum speed at sea level of 125 mph, service ceiling of 14,700 feet, and a maximum range of 719 miles.

Mahogany wood. Scale 1/24. Wingspan 16 3/4 inches, length 12 inches.

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