Boeing X-32 Joint Strike Fighter

Boeing X-32 Joint Strike Fighter

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The Boeing Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) One Team is developing an affordable, next-generation, multi-role strike fighter for the U.S. Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps and the U.K. Royal Air Force and Royal Navy. The Boeing JSF is a stealthy, survivable and highly lethal weapon system that meets the military services' performance requirements while achieving strict affordability targets.

Boeing is creating for the Department of Defense an affordable next-generation, multi-role strike fighter that is more lethal and survivable, yet easier to maintain and less costly to support, than any strike fighter before it. Other U.S. allies have voiced interest in the Joint Strike Fighter program, and Boeing believes there will be a substantial international market for the low-cost, high-performance strike aircraft. JSF variants will replace aging aircraft in several United States and United Kingdom military services.

The Boeing JSF concept is one of only two proposals competing for a U.S. Department of Defense contract. The winner of this competition, to be announced in 2001, will be the prime contractor for a military airplane construction program to produce an estimated 3,000 airplanes in the decades ahead. The other contender is Lockheed Martin. Boeing lost the competition to its rival Lockheed-Martin. It seems the X-32 will fade into aviation history as another test concept which failed to be exploited to full potential.

Scale 1/48. Wingspan 8 1/2 inches, Length 12 3/4 inches.