Airbus 330 Delta Airlines model

A-330-300 / Delta

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Delta Airlines A330 airplane model. This beautiful high museum quality desktop display model of the A-330-300 Delta is the perfect gift for any aviation enthusiast! Its stunning features and craftsmanship make for an eye-catching decoration that will captivate any viewer. Impress your friends and family with this unique piece of aviation history!

On May 28, 1969, France and West Germany decided to go ahead with the development of the European Airbus, as it had become. Constructions of the A300 began in September of 1969, and in December 1970 Airbus Industrie was established to oversee the project. The first aircraft made its inaugural flight on October 28, 1972. The A300-600 first flew on July 8, 1983, and has been the major production version. It has a maximum cruising speed at 25,000 ft. of 553 mph, long-range cruising speed at 31,000 ft. of 543 mph, and a range with 267 passengers and baggage of 4,330 miles.

Scale: 1/100. Wingspan 23 inches, Length 24 inches.