Martin 130 China Clipper Pan American airplane model

Martin M130 China Clipper

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Martin M-130 Flying Boat airplane model. The Martin M130 China Clipper is a stunning model that will take onlookers' breath away. Its beautiful quality craftsmanship is second to none, ensuring you will never forget the moment you lay eyes upon it. Enjoy the opulence of its design and marvel at the attention to detail!

The China Clipper inaugurated mail service to the Pacific on November 22, 1935, flying from Alameda Seaplane Base in San Francisco Bay before a crowd of 25,000. The inaugural flight to Manila was a momentous occasion. Although the S-42 had paved the way for Pacific air travel, the extra fuel necessary to fly from North America to Hawaii made it impossible for the S-42 to carry passengers. The M-130 was larger and heavier than the S-42 weighing 26 tons, and it carried more fuel. Even on the long leg to Hawaii, the M-130 was able to carry 41 passengers, 9 more than the S-42. On October 21, 1936, the M-130 commenced passenger service and immediately became the premier way to travel first class. The planes were luxuriously appointed, serving full course meals on linen and China, and offering a lounge and sleeping compartment to break the monotony of long flights.

Mahogany Wood. Scale: 1/63. Wingspan 23 inches, Length 16 inches.