Skywest EMB-120 airplane model

EMB-120 Brasilia / Skywest

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EMB-120 Skywest airplane model. Most of the EMB 120's were sold in the US and the Western Hemisphere although some have been purchased by airlines such as Regional in France, DAT in Belgium, DLT in Germany. Although no aircraft have been produced since 2002, it is still available to order because it is made on the same assembly line as the ERJs and is made out of many of the same parts. The extinction of commercial turboprops during the late 1990s and the first few years of the current decade was caused by an influx of regional jets. The EMB 120 was a victim of this as well. Only the ability to be built on a regional jet line has saved it from following out-of-production aircraft like the Do 328, Saab 340 and others. As the aircraft is still officially "in production," it is possible that the recent resurgence of turboprops may result in additional orders for the Brasilia.

The EMB 120 Brasilia is Embraer's only currently produced aircraft that is a turboprop. SkyWest currently operates a large fleet of EMB-120s under the United Express and Delta Connection brand. It is available as the EMB 120, 120RT, and 120ER. It uses a similar fuselage to the Embraer Regional Jet family.

Mahogany wood. Scale 1/48. Wingspan 17 inches, Length 17 1/2 inches.