SR-71 Blackbird USAF model airplane

SR-71 Blackbird / USAF

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Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird airplane model. The SR-71 Blackbird/USAF is a beautifully crafted desk model, capturing the legendary design of this iconic aircraft. Display it with pride and let its sleek curves and powerful lines inspire you to reach new heights!

The SR-71 was designed by a team of Lockheed personnel led by Clarence "Kelly" Johnson, at that time vice president of the company's Advanced Development Projects, known as the "Skunk Works." The first version, a CIA reconnaissance aircraft that first flew in April 1962 was called the A-11. The similar A-12 had a lower radar cross section. An interceptor version was developed in 1963 under the designation YF-12A. A USAF reconnaissance variant, called the SR-71, was first flown in 1964. The A-12 and SR-71 designs included leading and trailing edges made of high-temperature fiberglass-asbestos laminates which among other features contributed to their reduced radar signature. Its existence was publicly announced by President Lyndon Johnson on Feb. 29, 1964, when he announced that an A-11 had flown at sustained speeds of over 2000 mph during tests at Edwards, California.

Mahogany wood: Scale: 1/63. Wingspan 12 inches, Length 21 inches.