North American SNJ Texan model

SNJ Texan / USN

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North American SNJ Texan. This airplane was almost certainly the most extensively used trainer of all time, with more than 17,000 airplanes built by North American. One of the earlier numbers of the great North American T-6 trainer family was the AT-6A, used by the United States Army Air Corps as a gunnery trainer from 1941 onwards. The SNJ was the US Navy designation for their aircraft. The SNJ-5 used one 550-hp Pratt &amp, Whitney R-1340-AN-1 radial piston engine, giving the airplane a maximum speed of 205 mph at 5,000 feet, service ceiling of 21,500 feet, and a range of 750 miles.

Mahogany Wood. Scale: 1/32. Wingspan 15 3/4 inches, Length 10 3/4 inches.