RF-101 Voodoo model airplane

RF-101 Voodoo airplane model

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RF-101 Voodoo airplane model. The McDonnell RF-101C Voodoo was an unarmed reconnaissance variant of the F-101C fighter.

The RF-101C was unarmed. It carried six cameras in its nose. Two Fairchild KA-1s were aimed downward, with four KA-2s facing forward, down and to each side.

Beginning in 1954, McDonnell Aircraft Corporation built 807 F-101 Voodoos. 166 of these were the RF-101C variant. This was the only F-101 Voodoo variant to be used in combat during the Vietnam War. The RF-101C remained in service with the U.S. Air Force until 1979.

Scale: 1/48. Mahogany Wood. Wingspan 8 3/4 inches, Length 15 inches.