P-3 Orion Lockheed Navy model airplane

P-3 Orion

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Lockheed P-3 Orion airplane model. In August of 1957, the US Navy urgently required an advanced ASW/maritime patrol aircraft. To meet this need, Lockheed proposed a developed version of the L-188 Electra, which was chosen by the Navy and received an initial research and development contract on May 8, 1958. The first production Orion took flight on April 15, 1961, and was delivered to the Navy on August 13, 1962. Based on the Electra airframe, this new aircraft featured a shortened fuselage and a larger weapons bay, along with upgraded avionics and utility systems. With the ability to carry various weapons and stores, such as mines, depth-bombs, torpedoes, and nuclear devices, the P-3 Orion was a versatile and highly capable aircraft. Over the 30 years since its introduction, there have been significant improvements in avionics and capabilities, and more than 640 Orions were built before production ended in

Scale: 1/85. Wingspan 14 inches, Length 16 1/4 inches,

Stand appearance could vary.