MK 82 Snakeye

MK 82 Snakeye

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The Mark 82 was designed as a low level bomb with pop out fins, that deploy when dropped from the aircraft. These fins will increase the drag on the bomb slowing it allowing the aircraft to escape the area before detonation. Otherwise the aircraft would be destroyed in the bombs blast. The Mark 82 series has been around since the early 1960s and has been used on such aircraft as the CF-104, CF-5 and the CF-18. The first time the Canadian Armed Forces dropped these weapons in anger was during the Gulf War. Presently the Mark 82 is commonly carried with the fins wired shut and dropped from a medium altitude (15,000-25,000 feet). Dropping the weapon from a higher altitude does not require the drag fins to work. In fact they will actually change the ballistics of the weapon in a high altitude drop.

Scale: 1/7. Length 12 inches.