Eastern Airlines L-1049 Constellation airplane model

L-1049 Constellation / Eastern Airlines

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Eastern Airlines Constellation airplane model. The first Constellation was certified for civil operations on December 11, 1945, the aircraft entering service first with Pan Am and TWA, the latter inaugurating a regular US-Paris service on February 6, 1946. By the end of 1949 the demand for air travel was increasing and operators were then looking for airplanes of greater capacity. This brought development of the L-1049 Super Constellation, with the fuselage lengthened by 18 feet, 4 inches, and with 3,400-hp Wright 972TC-18DA-3 Turbo-Compound engines.

Mahogany Wood. Scale: 1/72. Wingspan 20 1/2 inches, Length 19 1/2 inches.