JRF Goose

JRF Goose

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JRF Goose airplane model. The Goose, originally made by Grumman, is a light amphibian transport plane in 1937. Grumman JRF Goose has a wingspan of 50'10", and a length of 39'7". A twin-engine amphibian American designed monoplane seaplane based on a pre-war G-21 design, the Goose had showed remarkable durability. Originally envisioned as a 6 to 7 seat 'commuter' plane for businessmen in the Long Island area, the Goose rapidly became the utility plane of choice for several small air companies, as well as a primary rescue plane for the Coast Guard and other agencies. Its amphibious nature, generous interior space, and rugged construction enabled the Goose to go just about anywhere that a plane could conceivably go.

Originally designed as one of Grumman's passenger seaplanes, the aircraft went on to military use (JRF-1, JRF-6 depending on role), and civil service worldwide. In 1938, the USN showed an interest in the amphibious aircraft, eventually acquiring 222 of the type. The aircraft also served with the US Coast guard and the US Army before serving in a military role with Britain, Canada, France, and Portugal. The Grumman Goose served with the Fleet Air Arm from 1942 until well after the war with 55 being delivered mostly to 749 squadron. The RCAF acquired the first example for use in 1938 and it was employed in communication and light transportation duties and until just recently the Goose was still in use by the RCMP. In 1986, the last Goose registered in active service in Canada was retired in 1986. There is a total of 376 aircraft were built. In 1945, the last new Goose was built.

Mahogany wood. Wingspan 19 1/4, Length 14 3/4 inches.