Mulligan airplane model

Howard Mr. Mulligan DGA6

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DGA6 Mulligan airplane model. Mr. Mulligan is still considered, by many, the fastest cabin monoplane that was ever built. Until it's unfortunate accident in the southwest, "Mulligan" was used by Ben and his wife as a high-speed transportation craft to promote Howard planes.

The Mr. Mulligan was designated a DGA6 for "Darn good airplane"-sixth version. This just might be an understatement considering the success of the plane.

The DGA6 had a span of 31 feet, 8 inches and a length of 25 feet, 1 inch. It was powered by a supercharged Pratt and Whitney Wasp engine of 550 rated hp but was capable of over 830 hp in bursts. This engine gave the DGA6 "Mulligan" an amazing speed of 287 mph.

Mahogany Wood. Scale: 1/20. Wingspan 19 7/8 inches, Length 15 3/8 inches.