Mooney Ovation model

Mooney Ovation

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Mooney Ovation airplane model. To many in the general aviation community, the words Mooney and efficiency are synonymous. With a sleek fuselage and flush-riveted surfaces on much of the wing, Mooneys have always been top competitors in their class. Therefore, it was not surprising that some Mooney aficionados gasped when the company introduced the Ovation with its big-bore Continental engine. The Ovation is a commonsense kind of airplane. It extracts sizzling performance from a tried-and-true engine and airframe, yet makes life easy for the pilot by embracing sophisticated and modern systems. The Ovation, then, filled a gap in Mooney's lineup. Its normally aspirated 280-hp Continental IO-550-G allows a max cruise speed of 190 knots.

Scale: 1/24
Wingspan: 18 inches
Length: 12 inches