J2F Duck US Coast Guard model

Grumman J2F Duck US Coast Guard

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Grumman J2F Duck USCG airplane model. The JF/J2F "Duck" was one of those military workhorses moving around in the background before and during WWII which did a tremendous job but never got the publicity of its' more glamorous teammates. Some said the Duck could be more aptly named the "Ugly Duckling". Be that as it may, when no other bomber could be found, it carried bombs, when no other transport could be found, it transported, when no other photo plane could be found, it photographed and when no other rescuer could be found, it rescued. When it came to "Utility Craft", the JF/J2F was the definitive.

Mahogany Wood. Scale: 1/32. Wingspan 14 5/8 inches, Length 12 7/8 inches.