F4D Skyray model airplane

F4D Skyray

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Douglas F4D Skyray airplane model. The service life of the Douglas Skyray with the Navy and USMC was relatively brief, since the aircraft was specialized to the high-altitude interception role and lacked the multi-mission capability that was becoming increasingly important. The Skyray had a good climb rate, a high ceiling, a relatively high speed, and a good radar, all features which made it a good interceptor. However, it had a reputation of being a difficult plane to fly. The last Skyray left service on February 29, 1964. The Skyray never saw any combat, although it was deployed to Taiwan in 1958 and to Guantanamo in 1962 in response to crises.

Mahogany Wood. Scale: 1/32. Wingspan 12 7/8 inches, Length 16 3/4 inches.