Douglas EC-47 model airplane

EC-47 / USAF

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Douglas EC-47 USAF model. For the Indochina war, the C-47 continued her transport duties but took on additional missions, such as electronic reconnaissance and gunship. The electronic reconnaissance aircraft came in three styles, the EC-47N, EC-47P and EC-47Q. Their mission was to collect communications intelligence (COMINT) by intercepting enemy communications and conduct airborne radio direction finding (ARDF) against those communications to locate the enemy. It must be understood that the ARDF was locating the communications transmitter, which was thought to be close to a tactical commander and his forces. For the most part, the EC-47s targeted low powered high frequency communications which were routinely used by the tactical NVA and other enemy units.

Mahogany Wood. Scale: 1/72. Wingspan 16 inches, Length 11 inches.