Douglas EB-66 ELINT model airplane


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Douglas EB-66 Destroyer ECM airplane model. EB-66 aircraft formed a necessary complement to an F-105 strike force in the target area. Effective Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) and Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) were mandatory for force survival in the highly concentrated defense environment of North Vietnam. The North Vietnamese defenses consisted of small arms, automatic weapons (i.e. .30-and .50-cal. machine guns), antiaircraft artillery (AAA - 37/57/85 and 100mm), surface-to-air missiles and MiGs, so it was imperative to deny the enemy as much radar warning as possible.

EB-66B and EB-66E aircraft were used primarily for active ECM using high power barrage and tuneable electronic jamming of selected frequencies. In ELINT work, the C model could be used to see enemy electronic transmissions and then selectively jammed. The C model was also capable of identifying MiG IFF (identification friend or foe) and Fan Song (SAM search and tracking radar) signals, thus providing MiG and SAM warnings.

Mahogany Wood. Scale: 1/72. Wingspan 18 1/2 inches, Length 19 inches.