B-25 Mitchell Panchito model

B-25 Mitchell / Panchito

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North American B-25 Mitchell Panchito airplane model. The B-25 was created for the US Army Air Corps pre-World War Two. It was the first multi-engine bomber design for North American. Originally, it had wings on the shoulders and a narrow fuselage with a three-person crew. However, the USAAC requested a larger payload, so the designers lowered the wings and widened the fuselage to make room for a side-by-side pilot and co-pilot. They also made improvements to the cockpit. The USAAC immediately ordered 140 of the new design. There were 6 major variations of the Mitchell, from the B-25A and B-25B with power-operated turrets, to the B-25C with autopilot and the B-25G with a 75mm cannon for anti-shipping missions. The British called the B-25Bs the Mitchell I, the B-25C and B-25Ds the Mitchell II, and the B-25Js with 12 heavy machineguns the Mitchell III

Mahogany Wood. Scale 1/41. Wingspan 19 inches, Length 16 1/2 inches.