B-17 Memphis Belle (signed by pilot)

B-17 Memphis Belle (signed by pilot)

Item Number: B-17 Robert Morgan
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B-17 Memphis Belle airplane model signed by pilot. The B-17 Flying Fortress "MEMPHIS BELLE" (Serial No. 41-24485) was one of 12,750 B-17's built by the Boeing Aircraft Co. The BELLE was the most famous because she was the first heavy bomber in Hitler's European war theater to complete 25 combat missions and keep her entire crew alive. She flew for 10 months from November 7, 1942 to May 17, 1943. The command generals had set 25 missions as an incentive for air crews to go home. Morale was extremely low because 80% of the bombers were shot down during the first three months of America's combat flights over Europe. The BELLE shot down eight enemy fighters, probably destroyed five others, and damaged at least a dozen more. She dropped more than 60 tons of bombs over Germany, France and Belgium. During her 25 missions she flew 148 hours, 50 minutes, and covered more than 20,000 combat miles. She is the only B-17 to have her own file in the Air Force Film Depository. She is currently on display in Memphis, Tennessee.

Mahogany Wood. Scale: 1/54. Wingspan 23 1/2 inches, Length 16 7/8 inches.

This model is hand signed by Col.Robert Morgan who was the pilot of the Memphis Belle during her 25 missions. This is a true collector's&nbsp,item! Model is signed on the top wing and comes with letter and picture. LIMITED EDITION.

Col. Robert K. Morgan, commander of the famed World War II B-17 bomber "Memphis Belle," died on May 22, 2004, of complications from a fall. He was 85.