Crop Duster airplane model

Air Tractor AT502 crop duster

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AT-502 Crop Duster airplane model. The prototype AT-502 (N7314D) was first flown in April 1987, and this model entered service in February 1988. The first examples in this region commenced work on cotton spraying during that year. The power plant was the 507 kw (680 shp) PT6A-15AG turbine, but the airframe was certified for the installation of the 559 kw (750 shp) PT6A-34AG if required. The AT-502A, which was first flown in January 1992, had the 821 kw (1,100 shp) PT6A-45R engine, a larger fin and rudder, and an operating weight of 4,717 kg (10,400 lb).

Scale: 1/24. Wingspan: 16 inches. Length: 11 inches