Boeing 747-400 Global Super Tanker fore fighting airplane model

747-400 Global Supertanker * With black wood stand and logo

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Boeing 747 Global Super Tanker airplane model. Global Super Tankers aircraft is a 747-400, tail number 944, dubbed The Spirit of John Muir after the renowned naturalist who became known as the father of (Americas) natural parks. The aircraft is the world's largest air tanker, operating in the firefighting category of Very Large Air Tanker (VLAT). The air tanker was first certified for firefighting service by the United States Interagency Air Tanker Board under the US National Wildfire Coordinating Group in 2016. Super Tanker can operate from any airport in the world with an 8000-foot runway and the facilities necessary for the firefighting mission.

Scale: 1/144
Wingspan: 17.5 inches (approximate)
Length: 19 inches (approximate)