Hughes 269

Hughes 269

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Hughes 269 helicopter model. The Hughes 269 was designed with a fully articulated, three-blade main&nbsp,rotor&nbsp,designed by&nbsp,Drago Jovanovich, and a two-blade&nbsp,tail rotor&nbsp,that would remain as distinctive characteristics of all its variants. It also has shock absorber-damped, skid-type landing gear. The flight controls are directly linked to the swashplate of the&nbsp,helicopter&nbsp,so there are no&nbsp,hydraulic&nbsp,systems in the 269. There are generally two sets of controls, although this was optional on the civil 269A. For three-seat aircraft, the middle collective control stick is removable,&nbsp,and a seat cushion can be put in its place for the third passenger.
,, Mahogany Wood. Length 17 inches.