Frequently Asked Questions

We start with renewable source high quality mahogany wood. Using drawings and pictures, each item is hand carved and shaped into form. After being sealed and sanded, up to 40 coats of superior paint product is used for the base colors and details. Small metal items are fashioned for antennas and other similar detailing work. The final model is clear coated with a suitable finish and then baked and cure for a lasting and museum quality model.  

The vast majority are made from hand carved and painted mahogany wood. We also have a small selection
of models made from solid plastic resin. Some plastic and metal parts are also used for strength. The model info page has the base material listed for the individual model.

Yes, we can produce custom built and painted projects to reflect an actual aircraft. We can also include your choice of weapons on military aircraft. If you want a highly detailed model, we can also include a clear canopy option to view the interior. Please contact us directly for more information.  

Models that are in stock, ship from our US warehouse within a few business days after the order is placed. Delivery can take 3-14 days depending on your location. Custom models take 15-24 weeks to produce depending on the method of shipping, quantity, size and details involved.  

Unfortunately, no. Many models cannot be repaired and when you consider all the costs involved. It is less expensive to produce a new and higher quality model. We do offer some limited replacement parts such as stands and propellers.  

We are based in the USA and orders are shipped directly from our large west coast warehouse location.   

No, our models are assembled and ready to display. The only assembly required is putting the model on the display stand or inserting propellers into the engines if required. Some of the larger models have detached wings that need to be inserted into the fuselage. Our products are not plastic kits.  

We suggest ‘super glue’ to reattach items that have fallen off. You can also use ‘white out’, fingernail or other
paints to touchupany chips. Even some markers can be used for touch ups.

Models should not be placed in direct sunlight. They can be cleaned and dusted using a small clean and soft paint brush. The pressurized ‘air in a can’ also be used.   

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